RA CreakyJoints Webinar


Hello out there fellow RA patients and my readers.

Today I attended an important Webinar listening to some audio regarding Knowing your options and making informed decisions about RA treatments.

Listed below are the speakers and thenfollowing that are my notes from the session.

I hope you all find something that may help.

Dr Laurie Fergusson-Health Psychologist.
Matt Iseman-RA Patient and Comedian.
Rebecca Callis-Certified Board Rheumatologist

Here are my notes from the Webinar

Early Treatment is important as it slows down the progression of the Disease Activity in RA. It can prevent further joint Damage.

Treatments will not reverse Joint Damage.

Medications and Biologics help reduce Active disease activity but doesn’t
elliminate it 100%. It can take 3 to 4 months to see if any improvement when trying a medication.

When starting an injection treatment you will be trained by a healthcare provider.

When disposing of needles dispose of them safely in a sharps container

Set some treatment goals, work together with your Rheumatologist and other Health care Professionals to figure out what works best for you so your Disease can be better Managed.

Be honest with your Rheumatologist tell them when a treatment isn’t working then they can give you the best care needed.

Keep a symptom Tracker if you have trouble remembering.

What works for one patient doesn’t mean it works for all so keep trying and don’t be disheartened if your first Medications don’t work. Just discuss your symptoms with your Rheumatologist and change your treatment regime.

The most common Medication for Treatment of RA is Methotrexate taken once a week. It can be taken in either Pill or Injection form.

Biologics are human engineered Proteins they eat away the other proteins like Pacman(Judy chuckles nom nom nom).

Biologics are TNF inhibitors used to help neutrolise Pain,Stiffness and inflammation.

Biologics are administered by Infusion  or injection at either an Infusion Centre or a hospital.

When first seeing a Rhematologist presenting with Swelling,Stiffness and pain a thorough Medical History would be looked at.

There are costs with Biologics but may be covered via Insurance,Medicare or Co pay support Programs ask your Rheumatologist about your options.

There are new Biologic treatments in Pill form being developed that are apparently different to anything currently being used and are specifically protein targeted.

Treatment is gradual meaning improvement can take time.

When RA is under control try low impact exercise such as Pilaties,Yoga and Swimming. Find something that works best for you be as active as you physically can be.

Document how you feel before and after treatment to tell Rheumatologist.

When it comes to Diet no study has proven specifically to help control Rheumatoid Arthritis. There has been no one common diet or Scientific Diet used to control RA.

Nutrition is discussed at Rheum Appointments but because Prednesilone can make sugar levels go up making it worse for Diabetes.

Experiment and do your own research for what could make you the Patient feel better however if taking suppliments Rheumatologist must also be informed(eg interactions).

With regards to Lab tests nothing is 100% positive or not for CCP and RF you could still have RA whether these blood tests come back negative.

Also Esp test and crp tests are the inflammatory markers and a Physical examination is also important.

It is important because persistant pain should be reported with warm and swollen Joints shown to Rheumy then a joint count can be performed.


Drive the boat because it’s a partnership.

Bring a family member or friend with you to your appointments if you can.

Education is the Key and be an informed Advocate.

For more information go to this website: Creaky Joint Discussions


Thanks for reading.


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