My Catch My pain Diary Entry

I Saw Doctor Finlayson(My local GP) on the 24th of October and was informed that he is leaving but coming back in 10 years. He is off to do Surgery in the NAVY he certainly is a clever doc.

Good luck to him must say i’m feeling very anxious again because I have to now get a new Doctor gotta say I really liked this one and i’m quite sad that he won’t be my Doc anymore.

I am however super Happy that he accepted my friend Request on Facebook he is definitely my Favourite Doc by far and the only one I have ever felt entirely comfortable with. I have had Anxiety for a very long time so finding people I am at ease with isn’t always an easy task.

Anyway over the last 3 weeks I’d caught a virus and couldn’t take Antibiotics and also was unable to take my Infusion Actemra.

I am yet to notice any change with this new
Biologic Infusion but I am however hopeful and have as of this date Wednesday the 29th of October only gad 2 infusions first being the 8th of September and Second being the 27th of October. My next is the 24th of November.

My Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease has also been giving me grief ahhh it’s  awful. Dr Finlayson also said my CRP and ESR levels are also Elevated with regards to my RA.

So yeah things aren’t great and havn’t been for a while I was also caughing up blood around 3 weeks ago before I caught the Virus too hence the reason I am REALLY hopeful for Actemra to give me relief from RA Pain and other symptoms.

My next appointment to see my Rheumatologist is on the 10th of December I am certainly going to be discussing these things with them.

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