STORY Written by myself and other RA Patients.

Here is a Story that myself and other RA patient friends wrote I quite like the ending.

I went to my Rheumatologist for a check up on my RA AS THE DOCTOR WAS WALKING IN SUDDENLY

I wondered off into the darkness not a place I really wanted to be but suddenly

the doctor grabbed both of my arms, his eyes widened,threw back his head and suddenly

he started having a seizure. I thought the worst was over and he was getting over the seizure when suddenly

I thought I was hallucinating when people with hazardous protective suits appeared suddenly,

I tried to run but tripped over my walker,cane,wheelchair or crutches and suddenly…

the nurse appeared and told me that the doctor had just came back from a foreign country and was feared to have caught Emboli as if that wasn’t bad enough suddenly

a large monkey waddles into the room holding a stethoscope when suddenly..

the monkey performed an emergency operation on me because I was in shock after what I had witnessed then suddenly

I woke up in a strange room with white walls and a camera aimed at me from a corner when suddenly

I realized I was the star of RA Tray a reality TV show about rheumatoid arthritis and all my fellow RA Tray groupies were there telling our stories of how RA has affected our lives bad and good ….wait it cant suddenly…

they decided to use actors who don’t have RA will star in the show suddenly

A worldwide awareness campaign began and the world finally understood how serious RA is and every person in the street started coming up to us all telling us facts that they had learned when suddenly

our friends and family start visiting and sending cards and asking how they could help when suddenly

the RA world began to live happily ever after despite of their illness because they no longer had to be in a daily struggle being exhausted from doing to much and trying to get people to understand.

Judy thought its nice to dream she and her RA family really hopes these days appear before us but suddenly

a special report came on TV! Could it really be?? They found a cure for RA!! Out the door I go to my doctors office to get That CURE!! YIPPY!!!!!
                  ~The End~

Thanks to Tracy from RA Tray for coming up with the idea for us to collaborate with this. I think it’s great ah this writing is actually fun and we should do this more often.



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