Introduction and My Social Media Spots


Hi I am Judy I am a volunteer with the international Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis.

I also like to support other organisations such as CreakyJoints,The Blue Ribbon Project and The Arthritis National Research Foundation and patients too.

I like to share and show support to all that’s why my page is United Advocacy.
I believe we should all be there for each other :)it certainly would make for a better world.

I myself have Fibromyalgia,Rheumatoid Arthritis,Migraines,Hypertension,GORD and I also like to Advocate for Mental Health as I have been an Anxious individual since childhood but have learnt how to live with it over the years.

In fact I will gladly share anything health related because someone somewhere in the world is dealing with something.

We can all make a difference together šŸ™‚

HERE ARE MY SOCIAL MEDIA SITES come on over and connect See you there šŸ™‚










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