#MyInvisibleFight #InvisibleIllness #IIWK15


A fight that you have that no one sees.
I Have Rheumatoid Arthritis,Migraines,Fibromyalgia,
Polymyalgia Rheumatica,
Hypertension,GORD,TMJ Disorder,Agoraphobia,Social Anxiety and General Anxiety Disorder. All are illness’ where it’s not always visible that one is sick yet if you turned us inside out you would soon see.

These are the invisible Illness’ that I have lived with all my life with the exception of Rheumatoid Arthritis,Fibromyalgia GERD and Hypertension which I was diagnosed with since 2012.

One person who makes you get up and fight each day to have a life
Me,Myself and I yes that’s right cause as they say the only one strong enough to kick my BUTT is ME.

one decision you fought to make that has been a good thing (or not so good)
what treatment or medication did you fight for?
I actually fought against a Medication that I really felt awful on and it made me gain weight which I am still trying to get off. #Thestruggleisreal

one hurdle that fought to take your hope from you, but you fought to get it back!
how you keep fighting to live when life wants to get you down.
Despite my illness’ I think I was put on this earth to be kind,caring and thoughtful towards others and that’s why I have this blog. It’s the online support and caring community that keep my spirits up and my family aswell.

why you fight for awareness as an illness advocate (or just some man or woman who likes to make some noise)
I fight for awareness as an illness Advocate because not all diseases are visible and it’s time the world knew that so that in time there is no judgement from people who don’t understand.

I want all patients no matter what illness they live with to know that I care about trying to make a difference and I support and believe them.

one time you fought to stand up for an unjust situation.
I have signed a letter with regards to Creakyjoints campaign to government regarding Biologics rebranding and not telling the patient.

what advice you would give someone recently diagnosed about how to choose what to fight about and what to let go of.
I would advise them to always hold on to hope because if you don’t you have nothing.

I would say fight for your Medical Records cause sometimes the professionals don’t want to hand things over but I believe it’s our right after all it’s our information yeah?

I would say fight for your Medications eg any changes to the Medication that aren’t discussed with you or insurance if you need it.

Also fight for disability if u really need it and don’t give up if not accepted the first time.

I was accepted first time(Lucky for me) but some of you aren’t so just keep persevering be brave and hang in there they will soon see how you really need it.



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