#ExplainyourRA #RABLOG Week Day 3

I was Diagnosed with RA in 2012 and various other conditions aswell  thereafter many like RA that are not always visible to everyone else the pain in which we suffer and yes it’s an agonising,Burning,Throbbing,Stabbing,
Aching,Shooting,wiggling type of pain and even more types of which I can’t list right now because of the Brain Fog.

I fight nauseachronic Fatigue,High Blood Pressure,
Chronic Migraines,brainfog
and chronic pain literally from head to toe.

RA is tough, it is no walk in the park that’s for sure especially with other illness’ aswell such as Fibromyalgia, PolyMyalgia Rheumatica GERD and TMJ.


Everyday is a #invisiblefight A fight to get shopping done,A fight to stay awake
,A fight to do housework,A fight remembering Medications,A fight reaching and trying to open jars etc the list goes on and if someone works it’s a fight trying to get through their day.

It’s a struggle everyday regarding the things that everyone takes for granted if you don’t have a chronic illness maybe you might like to stop and think for a while how you would feel if all these things that you can do well how it would affect you if you couldn’t and that you may not even beable to do those things at all.
A bit of compassion goes a long way and I know which type of person i’d rather be and that’s a compassionate and caring one.

If you are a person who passes judgement on others because you think they look well then you need to think again because there’s many issues below the surface unseen especially when it comes To RA.

You can’t always see my pain or struggles but doesn’t mean they aren’t there.


RA stands for Rheumatoid Arthritis it is an Autoimmune Disease.
My immune system fights against itself causing other health issues too.
RA can attack all organs,heart,lungs and eyes.

Yes there is Arthritis in the name but it is just one component of the Disease and it affects us on the inside aswell as the outside.


Myself and other RA patients have regular blood tests,Take regular Medications and Biologics,See Doctors and Rheumatologists on a regular basis and there’s been hospital visits and even deaths in the RA community. We quite often have more chronic illness’ as well as RA too.

So I just want to say if u think that RA is not a serious illness you need to think again and stop judging people in the community they need your support and understanding more than ever.

Thankyou for reading my blog and I hope I have left you with a few things to think about.



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