Five Things I have Learned #RABlog Week Day 4



1. I have learned that I am stronger than I Give myself credit for sometimes why because we have no choice but to be strong in certain situations but we also know there’s support groups we go to when we struggle too.


2. I have learned that I won’t always get the kind of support I feel like I need sometimes but that’s ok I have dealt with it. 

The kind of support I am and have always wanted was to have a person come with me to appointments to help recall important information or take notes for me.

To have that one person to be that extra special person who could take in everything said to me via my medical team as I know at times I absolutely forget things. #BrainFog moments.

3. I have learned that there are so many reasons to be grateful and the main one of course is being alive.


4. I have learned that having Chronic Illness’ RA being one of can be really lonely because I think people don’t know what to say to you or how to help you feel better.


5. I’ve learned that yes I have made many new friends in the chronic Illness community and that they are some of the most compassionate beautiful people I have come into contact with. We have an understanding of one another and pass no judgements because we have much of the same symptoms and issues within our lives.
I don’t fancy myself as much of a writer but it does help writing things down or blogging.



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