RABlogWeek2017-The Overlapping of various conditions.

Overlap #RheumatoidArthritis
#RheumaticDiseases #Hypertension, #Fatigue 

I have Hypertension which is quite high and the bottom has been higher than what’s shown here in the top picture. 

I have my Actemra Infusion for the treatment of the Rheumatoid Arthritis every 28 days and 

also take my medications daily and use my other treatments too. 

I definitely feel the affects and flare alot when my Blood Pressure is up.Moments like this make my infusion nurse want to run don’t blame him I feel like it too at times. 
I haven’t been doing so great this year it’s been quite the struggle trying to keep my BP under control and the flow on effect to the Rheumatic Diseases which I live with. 
I own my own Blood Pressure Machine as I have to Monitor my BP in between medical visits. I feel quite fatigued like I’ve done a huge run like a Marathon without actually running the Marathon 🤒. 
I can nearly hear my heart pounding out of my chest sometimes and feel light headed. 
Rheumatoid Arthritis is a full bodied systemic Disease and organs can be affected also. 
Yes Absolutely 

#PatientsHavePower I really wish with everything in me that the chronic Illness‘ I live with 

would give me my POWER back and listen to that statement. 

Dear Hypertension overlaps, #RheumatoidArthritis and all other chronic conditions U AREN’T WELCOME in my body and please disappear. 

#AutoimmuneArthritis #CureArthritis

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